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Text Book on Public Relations

Dr CV Narasimha Reddi
Editor, PR Voice, Hyderabad

New Textbook : “Effective Public Relations & Media Strategy”

Author : Dr.C.V.Narasimha Reddi, Editor, Public Relations Voice, Srinagar Colony Main Road, Hyderabad.
Email :
Ph : 09246548901

Publisher : Prentice Hall of India Learning Pvt. Ltd., ‘Rimjhim House’, 111, Patparganj Industrial Estate, Delhi 110 082,
Phone : 011-43031100, e.mail
Price : Rs. 350/-

Comprehensive and update, “Effective Public Relations and Media Strategy” presented in a textbook format of international standard helps both students, academicians and practitioners better understand the theory and practice of public relations and media strategy to reach stakeholders. It strives to cater to the different areas of public relations in government, banks, tourism, public transport, public sector, police, NGOs etc. It equips the reader with necessary tools for building a career in public relations.
The book is divided into Six parts: Part One, Principles of Public Relations and Communication, Part Two, Public Relations Practice, Part Three. Media Strategy (PR Media), Part Four, Effective PR Manager, Part Five, History of Indian PR and Part Six Case studies.The book also provides teaching aids for easy understanding of the subject such as contents in brief, points to remember and review questions.In his foreword , Prof.B.P.Sanjay, Presently Vice-Chancellor, University of Tamil Nadu said “ I am confident that the book will fulfill the major objective of a textbook that beautifully blends the theory and practice of public relations.The Prentice Hall of India which is an international publishing house has made available this book in all the wholesale bookshops of the country. The shops include Allied Publishers, UBS Publishers and Distributors, Asian Books Pvt.Ltd. International Book House, Higginbothams Pvt. Ltd., Book Selection Centre, India Book House etc.